Architectural Designs

At Quantize Architectural Designs, we offer strategic consulting services in architectural designs. We have partnered with Architectural Designs Limited in the United States as part of providing residential building designs while we engage our network of independent architects and building designers in providing industrial scale building designs and recently the provision of general contracts through tested and certified building contractors.

Clients requesting residential designs benefits from a platform of mutual partnership with architectural designs ltd serving the public for over 30 years offering competitive priced home plan and designs from 142 architects and residential building designers.

There are over 21,000 pre-designed home plans ready for selection based on the taste and choices. Extended options of modifications are possible depending on client preference. On the other hand, if you are looking to start or begin a building design from scratch, we are very happy to discuss it with you. We will endeavor to put you through a careful pre-assessment based on individual specification in order to enable us match you with the most appropriate resident designer.

We also offer property design consulting in Industrial and commercial designs to industrial, governmental and corporate clients.

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