Overseas Acquisition

Quantize Property as consultants bring affordable overseas property to you. We have key relationships with some of the leading International developers so we can bring you the most luxurious properties at very competitive prices. Quantize Property Consultants are there for you all the way throughout your buying process. From the moment you enquire about one of our properties, we will arrange your trip to view your property and help you through the entire technical buying process. We want to take the stress out of you buying your dream home.

We are set in giving bespoke consultancy solutions and services in property to target clients. Our clients are from all works of life. Although most of our properties are at the high end of the property spectrum we accommodate the individual needs of every client that walks through our door. We pride ourselves in giving tailored consultancy services to meeting the individual need of clients and because we engage with local experts who know the demographics of each particular geographical location, we are confident of delivering within the shortest possible time.

We serve as an interface between our clients and the developers or solicitors directly or as the case might be that are in charge of the legal framework of each purchase. This eliminates the extensive bureaucracy as well as the multiple indemnities in terms of tax figure and protocols.

Because we have a virtual presence through our central communication platform and a physical presence through the continued relationship with over 120 developers scattered all across Europe, Asia, Africa and the rest of the world, we offer prompt deployment of staff towards ensuring an all round satisfactory customer experience with us.

So, are you looking for a residential property, an office complex or space, an holiday home, a bachelors pad, a country settlement, a family mansion, starting on the property ladder or just adding on to your property investment portfolio? Congratulations you have come to the right place. We at quantize consulting are always happy to face the next challenge of placing our clients in the property of their choice using the latest cutting edge technology in property match as well as the facilitated network of indigenous  and local consultants.
List the countries we are able to provide overseas property search

  Australia Germany Qatar
  Austria Ghana Singapore
  Bahamas Greece South Africa
  Barbados India Spain
  Belgium  Indonesia Sri Lanka
  Benin Ireland Sweden
  Brunei  Isle of Man Switzerland
  Cameroon Italy Thailand
  Canada Jamaica Tunisia
  Cyprus Japan Turkey
  Denmark Monaco United Arab Emirates
  Egypt Morocco United Kingdom
  Finland Nigeria United States
  France Norway  
  Gambia Philippines