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We are always looking to adding on to our growing network of independent consultants within our scope of operations. So are you an independent consultant? Do you recognise the need to develop your business within a fast growing enterprise of professional symbiosis?

Quantize Consulting is a growing operational network for Independent Consultants focused on designing and delivering solutions to target clients in the field of Telecoms and I.T, Property, Business Developments & Extended Contracts.

As part of a broader agenda in delivering world class service to our clients, we are committed to the core values of the institution being driven by the operational structure in place. In carrying out our daily functions, we are very much aware of the symbiotic exchange and contribution of each team member at every level and hierarchy.
The operational model Quantize employs is having the modular structure broken down into its composite functions-Telecoms, Property, Business Development & Extended Contracts. We recognise the contribution of innovative minds providing strategic solutions across the departments of Quantize hence our graduate Program.

Intending applicants should have a minimum of 2.2 in the following disciplines. A masters or MBA will be an added advantage.

Communications Engineering, Electrical & Electronics Engineering, Physics, Information Systems and Technology, Software Engineering, Economics, Business studies, Corporate Governance, Project Management, Quantity Survey and Architectural Designs.
Relevant industry experience is desirable but not essential.

Currently, our graduate program is closed. Please visit this page through the career link. Be advised not to bookmark this page, it is a dynamic directory on this site and may be changed at the administrators discretion or may become an out-of-date bookmark/favourite.

For further enquiries about our graduate program, send your requests to team@quantizeconsulting.com.