Quantize Consulting

About Quantize Consulting

Quantize Consulting Ltd provides technical and business consultancy services to Clients and Partners in the field of I.T & Telecoms, Property Solutions (Design & Acquisition) and Business Solutions in creating and developing strategic opportunities for businesses.

Quantize Consulting Ltd offers innovative solutions for corporate clients, Government Agencies, Small and medium scale enterprise, individuals as well as business clients. These solutions cover a range of services from technical design to management and analysis of information provided by technical partners, Project & Portfolio Management, and Strategic Planning through to Business Development

Our Goal is to increase our presence in Long-Term growth markets through proprietary business developments reinforced by strategic acquisitions and investments in people & facilities.

At Quantize Consultings, we work with customers to advise and provide technical and business support to develop business and operational models, project scoping and proposals for functional and non-functional requirements through our Central Communications platform.

Each consultant ensures detailed definition fulfils the required service for any new services developed, and work with the commercial and procurement teams and customers to ensure that proposed operational service model and partner relationships are commercially sound and any limitations/risks are understood.

A key part of our role is to provide the primary interface to customers & technical partners during the pre-sales and bid phases of a project, and then the operational consultancy during the delivery and implementation phases of the project to ensure effective knowledge transfer and decision making. We work closely with the Technical Design Authority to ensure alignment of Technology Solution and Operational processes.

Our consultant demonstrates significant consulting experience in relevant process outsourcing and data management, providing a strong customer and supplier liaison experience in the pre-sales and bid phases of a project, with the aim of creating new commercial models, business structures & partnerships.

In essence, we provide the meeting platform for Clients and Engineering Solution.

That’s why we are the MEETING POINT!