Welcome to Quantize Consulting - The Meeting Point.

Quantize Consulting Ltd provides practical and functional business solutions as well as operational modelling using a technical framework of consulting, outsourcing and management strategy.

Quantize Consulting Ltd umbrellas' three major operational business function - Quantize Telecoms, Quantize Properties and Quantize Developments and Contracts with a consistent record of strong institutional presence whilst relying on the strength of its resident and independent consultants working across its operational spectrum

These inform the departments within the Organization which provides IT and Telecoms Consulting, Property Solutions Consulting (Design & Acquisitions) as well as Business Solutions & External Contracts respectively.

The operational framework of the institution suggests a modular structure being broken down into its composite functions whilst utilizes the advantages of administrative redundancies as well as giving our clients the benefit of a central communication platform which enhances operational alliance.

We are a registered company by the corporate affairs commission in Nigeria and the Companies House in the United Kingdom, hence providing a physical presence along the coast of West-Africa, United Kingdom and continental Europe. Through our central communication platform we have also gone a step further by maximizing the virtual platform of the internet, permitting instantaneous global presence.