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Welcome to Quantize Telecoms

Quantize Telecoms is one of the fastest growing consulting institutions that blends strategic management consulting with a high level of technical expertise in the fields of I.T and Telecommunications. Our services focus on consulting and implementation solutions which are derived from the use of information and communications technology (ICT). We offer a wide range of consultancy services on both onshore and offshore services.

See our link on Offshore Communications for VSAT Engineerig ( Fixed And Stabilized antennas), RF Systems, Data Recovery, Remote Communication Systems etc. Because we are very much involved in the project management as well as process management of portfolio’s we provide procurement services in alignment with industry regulation as it varies in geographical locations in our regions of operation. We are indepentdent of manufacturers priviledge and sales alliance, hence our judgement will remain professional as well as market conscious providing decisions that are solely based on empirical market statistics.

Our strength lies in experienced consultants and partners strategically located to give local expertise and know-how, elimination the risk of legislative sanctions and wrong strategic approach.

Quantize Consulting expertise bundles the knowledge from the successful conclusion of management and ICT consulting projects. We are represented globally by subsidiaries, holding companies, and project offices, so we benefit as consultants from the infrastructure of a global player which spans the geographical footprint of the world .

Our services for IT and Telecommunications management through organisational strategy and directional consulting, provides planning and implementation of highly complex technological ICT architectures and applications.

We are involved in the conception, design and implementationof technical solutions and engineering models using telecommunication platfrom for the enhancement of new and /or existing business models. As this entails an indepth understanding of engineering models and industry standards, we are involved in the project management and process management of portfolio ensuring a consistent interpretation of designs giving a concise definition of the metrices of strategic focus as well as ensuring that the quality of service(QoS) are in strict compliance with statutory service level aggrement(SLA).