Offshore Communications

The combined strength of professionals and technical partners in our Offshore Communications and support systems provides consultative strength as to offering innovative and reliable solutions in meeting the technical and operational needs of our customers.

Our vast experience in the design, implementation and support of both fixed and stabilized systems enables us to provide reliable telecommunication services to offshore rigs, Vessels, and remote locations across the territorial waters of Africa and indeed elsewhere around the globe. We provide the approach, design, implementation and management while our partners work on the provision of the network infrastructure ensuring a balance of skill and professionalism. From remote sites requiring reliable satellite communications to critical facilities demanding secure network services,

Quantize Telecoms is pleased in taking up the challenge in providing you with a highly scalable solution. Regardless of your location or the physical terrain, we have a solution for you. From exploration in deep waters to large-scale governmental projects, we ensure resources are never beyond reach:  Expertise; Knowledge; Solution.

Our telecoms solutions are innovative, reliable and cost-effective.


• Wan optimisation
• Handheld satellite phones
• Mobile radio
• Internet VPN
• Video conferencing
• Remote video streaming
• System integration
• 24/7 Support with local radial circles in client location
• Managed Services (Repair and maintenance)
• Met-Ocean Systems
• Fax machines, computers and printers


• Oil and Gas Solutions
• Commercial shipping Solution
• Government Operations
• Engineering and construction
• Disaster recovery
• Mining


• Fixed VSAT
• Stabilised Antennas
• Microwave systems
• Radio Communications equipments
• TVRO (Television Receive Only)