telecoms optics


We advise our clients how they can optimize their business with the aid of ICT-supported business models and technology. Our services are designed to siut the needs of various industries, while focusing on market segments in which we have proven our know-how from integrated management and technology consulting in many different projects. Our target clients are service companies and key players in the following industries-

Telco & Digital Media-

• Media & Online,
• Fixed Line Operators,
• Investors,
• Service Providers
• Wireless & Mobile Operators

Enterprise & Services-

• Automotive & Manufacturing
• Financial Services
• High Tech Industries
• Travel & Transport
• Utilities
• Oil and Gas servicing

Public Sector-

• Government
• Regulatory Authorities
• Offshore Service
• Public telecom companies
• Enterprises
• Contracting companies
• Engineering consultant firms
• Equipment vendors
• Healthcare Sector
• Academic centres