Contact the Lead Technical Consultant

Adewale Olowokere - Lead Technical Consultant-

The Lead Technical Consultant is an appointed member of the senior consultants in Quantize Consulting Ltd providing overall leadership in developing the strategic direction of Quantize Telecoms in close partnership with other technical consultants of the department. The Lead Technical Consultant manages the running of the department to ensure that services are delivered, strategic and business plans are effectively implemented, results monitored and reported to all stakeholders, and financial and operational objectives are achieved to ensure that the clients receive best value.

To this ends, whether you are an existing client or a potential one, I look forward to hearing from you on how Quantize Telecoms can be of service to your organization or how we can help serve you better. You may also use this channel to forward urgent complaints as well as suggestion to me.

Set out below are the various ways that you can contact me or any other department in Quantize Consulting. Please feel free to exploit either of the platforms listed below. I will endeavor to get back to you at the shortest possible time.

Look forward to hearing from you.

Please indicate your preferences on how you prefer to be contacted.

You can contact me by:

1. Writing to: Lead Technical Consultant ,Quantize Telecoms- Quantize Consulting Ltd, 11 Granton Place, Off Union Grove, Aberdeen, AB10 6QX

2. Emailing the Lead Technical Consultant