Quantize Telecoms is geared towards working successfully with businesses and organisations to help plan, organise and implement a complementary communications strategy. Each communications strategy designed by Quantize is created to improve operational performance.

The team recognises that clear communication is key to ensuring clients are comfortable with engineering designs and solutions. Whether undertaking a detailed assessment of a business model or implementing a Government contract, the team continually look to deliver best value Engineering Design for clients.

Our services range from the classic organization and strategy consulting (Strategy & Marketing and Operations) to highly complex technological ICT applications (Technology Management).

Strategy & Marketing

• Business Development & Innovation
• Corporate Strategy
• Marketing & Sales Strategies
• Regulatory Strategies
• Corporate Finance
• Corporate Responsibility


• Process Optimisation & Performance Management
• Reorganization & Post Merger Integration
• Procurement & Supply Chain Management
• Financial, Risk & Compliance Management
• Human Resource Management Operations

Technology Management

• ICT Strategy & Organization
• Technology Innovation Management
• Enterprise Architecture Strategy & Management
• Enterprise Application Strategy & Management
• Enterprise Service Management & Sourcing
• Enterprise Infrastructure Management
• Transformation & Program Management
• Next Generation Network Service Architecture
• Network Performance & Implementation Management
• Network Architecture Strategy
• Network Operation Efficiency & Security
• Change Management
• Customer Relationship Management
• Enterprise Performance Management
• Finance and Performance Management
• Human Resources Management
• Leadership and Talent Management
• Process and Innovation Performance
• Risk Management
• Service Management
• Strategy Consulting
• Supply Chain Management
• Sustainability
• Talent and Organization Performance
• Workforce Performance Management