Quantize Consulting ltd adopted the term “Extended Contracts” in its operation as defined by an area of operation that allows and accommodates for business operation within the enterprise sector. This is made possible through the literature our memorandum of understanding consolidating our core operation with other professional services. We provide Business, commercial and general supplies to various sectors of the economy. Through complementing the paralleled operations in contracts acquisition and completions, we provide executions of projects to Businesses, Government and Corporate Agencies. These we achieve through our experienced team of estimators, project managers, project assistants, operation managers and accountants with skills which include:

1. Logistical management experience.
2. Experience of managing third party suppliers (Engineering resource suppliers, hardware suppliers).
3. Analysing discovery data to scope and planning the deployment
4. Contract negotiation


• Government Agencies
• Federal and State Services
• Agriculture
• Food and Beverages
• Energy
• Retailing
• Health Care
• Logistics
• Transport
• Education
• Power
• I.T and Telecoms
• Real Estate



1. Our services amongst other things include Corporate, business and general procurement & supply of Electrical Systems, Electronics Systems, Computers, Networking Equipments, Stationeries and Office Paraphernalia, Security Systems, Telecommunication Systems and Communication Gadgets, Automation Systems, Metrological Systems, Automobiles, Prison Utilities, Government acquisitions, Council Supply, Food and Beverages and lots more. We also provide a holistic approach advising at every level of the supply chain from the manufacturer or distributor through to customer premise. For more information on our Supply and procurement services, contact us on our established contact details on the contact page quoting “Supply”.

2. We also execute bundled contracts through, outsourcing, management, procurement and supply as well as infrastructure deployment of general, business and corporate and engineering solutions. We pride ourselves as experts in high and low value purchases bringing our knowledge of competitive tender, framework agreements, standard contracts, government and legislative procurement policies and directives to play.